Rock Boxx
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The pounding bass and the brunt of the lead vocals are supplied by Jamie.  With diverse musical tastes ranging from UFO to Taylor Swift, he always strives to keep the set list fresh so our fans get a suprise every time they come out.  Jamie is solidly in the "Team Edward" camp and has yet to listen to a recording that couldn't be better, if only the guitars were louder and more distorted.
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Randy has been playing drums since he was 12. We can’t tell you how long that is since we don’t actually know how old Randy is. Somewhere between 30 and 80, we think. He has played with such bands as Tempest, Bad Habit, The Flesh Melons, 750 South State and The Remo Williams band. Fate--or Craigslist--brought Randy to the band and it's been a great fit.
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Ben plays the blistering leads for all of the Rock Boxx songs.  His abilities range from classical guitar to 80’s metal anthems. Harmonics, lead harmonizing, and hammer-ons are all within his normal playing range so keep your eyes and ears on Ben while he is playing.  Ben is at home on a rock stage jamming out to Van Halen as he is at a Renaissance Fair playing Greensleeves.